Dance Tricks - Video Class Tutorial

Warm up
Strength and coordination exercises
Instructions to execute 3 dance tricks
Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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Stretching & Relaxation - Video Class

Body conditioning
Stretching exercises
Approximate duration: 60 minutes

Adagio - Video Class Tutorial

Exercises to improve the quality of your movements
Instructions to execute 1 sequence of approximately 3 “eights”
Approximate duration: 30/50 minutes

Tricks on the ground - Video Class Tutorial

Instructions to execute 3 “on the ground” tricks,
from lowest to highest difficulty degree
Approximate duration: 60 minutes

¿What do these classes bring you?

Each class has new and exclusive material, they are not consecutive. You will access the class through a link we will provide which allows you to take it whenever you like, with the option of downloading or viewing it online.

Dance Tricks

Stretching & Relaxation

Adagio Classes

Tricks on the ground Classes

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